"New sun, new air, new sky. A whole universe teeming with life. Why stand still when there's all that life out there?" -The Doctor
"Asking a linguist how many languages they speak is like asking a doctor how many diseases they have." -Unknown

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Tenth Doctor Drinking Game

I have never played a drinking game in my life, and I don't plan to ever get drunk. So the "shots" would probably be, like, Pepsi or Nerds or something. But still. This would be fun.

Take a drink every time…

The Doctor uses his foot or a mallet to fly the TARDIS.

The Doctor says: “brilliant”, “clever”, “molto bene”, “allons-y”, “I’m sorry”

The Doctor and his companion hold hands

The Doctor pulls something out of his Time Lord pockets

The Doctor mentions Rose after “Doomsday”

You catch an in-joke from a previous season

The Sonic Screwdriver develops a new skill

Every time Jack says hi to someone

Every time the Doctor ruffles his own hair

Every time the Doctor puts on the brainy specs

Every time the Doctor gets snogged by someone else

Every time Donna says “Spaceman” or “Martian”

Every time the Doctor tries to reason with a villain (“Just listen!”)

Every time the Doctor smiles like a boggle-eyed ax murderer

Every time the Doctor dramatically screams the name of his companion

Every time the Doctor mentions being the last of the Time Lords