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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Batman and the TARDIS

Despite the fact that that would be a kickass fanfiction title (and story, for that matter...although I bet someone's already done it), this is mostly to celebrate the simple fact that Matt Smith likes Batman.

The full story can be found here.

Eleven commented about Batman, "I’ve always loved him, you know? I guess it’s the darkness in him that I like." The article also draws a parallel between Batman and the Doctor, quoting Smith: "There’s something about the darkness and the loneliness of the man that I guess I’m sort of in tune with I think." That quote was apparently about the Doctor, though it could be about Batman as well.

The similarities and differences between Batman and the Doctor--two very different role models and, really, superheroes from two different cultures--would certainly be worth exploring in greater depth. I'm a huge fan of both characters, and find their darkness and loneliness fascinating as well. Those qualities bring both characters out of the two-dimensional, primary-colored world of pure children's entertainment and makes them into believable, relatable people brushed in the duskier hues of life's sorrows, griefs, and disappointments.

But in the meantime, extra points for Matt Smith for choosing Batman! And a few points off for Karen Gillan for picking Spiderman. That guy's a loser.

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