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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

River Song and the Pandorica

This interview with Alex Kingston is surprisingly spoilery, but the most interesting part is that Alex claims that River mentions the opening of the Pandorica as one of the events in her diary in Silence in the Library. The relevant quote is at 1:07; she mentions it again at 4:40.

I checked in Silence in the Library but couldn't find her referring to the Pandorica; she does, however, mention the crash of the Byzantium. Either way, this seems to imply either that (a) something important about the Pandorica will occur in the next two episodes or (b) River Song will return sometime later to be involved in the opening of the Pandorica. Since the Pandorica seems to be season 5's main arc, and thus will most likely not be fully addressed until the finale, I'm betting on (and hoping for!) option (b).

A note on the name: When I first heard it, I thought the name was "Pandoracle" (i.e. "Pandora" + "oracle", which I still think would be kind of awesome). As it is, "Pandorica" combined with "opening" points very clearly to the Greek myth of Pandora, a beautiful young woman created by the gods and given a box (or vase) filled with all the evils in the world that she is admonished not to open. Insatiably curious, Pandora opens it anyway and lets loose all the evils anyway--along with the only good thing in the box, Hope. How much of the Greek myth will be relevant, I wonder?


  1. I could have sworn it was Pandoracle too! I thought I was the only one! Great minds...etc....

  2. That is not the only version of the myth. In another version, the box is shut just in time... Right before the worst thing of all can leave the box.